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As they say, “a rising tide raises all boats”. A unified, industry-wide program and voice can fund long-term, expansive efforts for all sod producers.
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How do we get there? In 2024, the industry will have a chance to vote for a better future propelled by a sod checkoff program, created and led by producers.

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What Is A Checkoff?

Agricultural research and promotion programs, or “checkoff programs”, are industry-funded initiatives that improve the market position of a commodity by expanding markets, increasing demand, conducting market and scientific research, and promoting industry initiatives and activities. The industry can accomplish more together than any individual company can accomplish alone. A checkoff program allows an industry to unify and pool resources, as well as identify and address issues that impact its sales, while having a substantially greater investment to drive demand.

Checkoff programs began operating at the state and regional level nearly a century ago. The term “checkoff” originated with some of the earliest voluntary research and promotion programs in which producers marked a checkoff box if they wished to contribute to the program. Today, federal checkoff programs are mandatory, but the “checkoff” name has remained.

In 1966, Congress began authorizing the establishment of checkoff programs at the federal level. In 1996, Congress passed the Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act, which authorizes the U.S. Department of Agriculture to establish checkoff programs through the federal rulemaking process, without Congress needing to pass a law. Between checkoff programs authorized by Congress, and checkoff programs established by the USDA, there are currently 21 agricultural checkoff programs at the federal level.


How it Works

The checkoff program collects quarterly assessments from every sod producer in the U.S. based on sales, which will then be used to fund research, national consumer advertising and promotions, equip growers with localized marketing tools, inform and educate key industry stakeholders and more. The results from these initiatives will then provide greater return on investment for all producers.

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"The checkoff will help to fund peer-reviewed, independent research that we can use for developing a clear voice and educational resources for our customers. I look forward to having these materials available in the future!" - Sarah, Iowa
"Research through the sod checkoff will provide an opportunity to increase sustainability measures for our product. Educating on the benefits of sod is essential to our survival as we face increased pressure to remove or plant less natural grass." - Hank, South Carolina
"This checkoff gives producers a unified voice and the means to educate regulators, politicians, and consumers about the benefits that sod brings to the environment." - User, Florida
"It’s important that we stand together and send the message that Natural Turfgrass is the natural way to go. By having the checkoff program, we could fund initiatives based on industry needs rather than wants." - Allen, New Jersey
"Natural sod producers will have the opportunity to speak with a uniform voice for the first time. Sod producers will now have the resources to answer our critics with research data and promotion of the benefits of natural sod." - Aaron, Georgia
"Through research and education, we can leverage the many positive environmental, functional, aesthetic, physical and mental benefits of our product. Our message will lead to more favorable public policy and less unwarranted regulation." - Steve, New York
"The sod checkoff program will give our industry the resources it needs to conduct pertinent research studies and turn the data into powerful marketing programs that are relevant to current consumers." - Diane, Michigan
"The sod checkoff can help promote future growth by introducing sod producers of all size to new technologies, influencing new growing practices and fostering growth for years to come." - David, Oklahoma

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